A Letter to Dr. B

On March 25, 2015 Angie of HAPPY Reading wrote:

Hi Dr. B

I was just thinking of you on Monday when I went to visit a possible site for a camp I’m holding this summer.  On the way there, I saw a church marquee with the same last name as the person I was en route to meet (not a too typical last name).  After we got to the camp and looked around, his first choice for a building was the same one where I’d done work a few years ago (he didn’t know this).  He mentioned not only one of my old teachers from my home town, but also the tiny, little-known town where my grandmother grew up.  When we walked into the second building for my consideration, a passage from Desiderata…that poem my husband used to propose marriage to me…was written on a white board.  And when we walked out of the building, there was a van…newly-parked…bearing the insignia of my home town.

I know this litany is not the exact stuff you want for your book…but for me, it’s just more of those constant confirmations that the world is more connected than we might understand.

Take care,

Dear Angie

Without your mind there would be no connections.

You were walking around in a sea of symbols.  Your mind held the connections to some of those symbols.

Coincidences seem to increase when we step outside our usual routine. Also when we are searching or questioning as you were.

Dr. B

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