CCBB EP201: Juliet Trail, PhD “Can Mindfulness Enhance Synchronicity?”

In this episode of the Connecting with Coincidence podcast, we interview Juliet Trail, PhD to explore the topic: “Can Mindfulness Enhance Synchronicity?”

Juliet Trail is Managing Director of The Coincidence Project, which is dedicated to advancing the use and understanding of coincidence, synchronicity, serendipity, and simulpathity. Juliet is also founder and director of Courageous Compassion Connection, an initiative dedicated to bringing contemplative practices and approaches to diverse groups and individuals in the service of resilience, wholeness, healing, and compassion for all beings. She builds upon more than fifteen years of experience in leadership, organizational development and contemplative education in higher education. She is also a poet and singer who explores the intersections of creativity and contemplation in her two bands, Unheard Sirens Incorporated and Phoenix Noir.

During this conversation, we discuss how contemplative practices like mindfulness meditation relate to coincidences. We also explore how individuals are able to cultivate their inner self-observer through practices such as mindfulness, compassion, or experiencing coincidences, and whether there is a related, collective self-observer that might be developed by like-minded individuals. You can click above to view on YouTube, or click here to listen to the audio episode.

In this episode, Juliet describes a recent coincidence: Around mid-afternoon one day, I think of a good friend of mine who lives in New Mexico, and the thought pops into my head, “I should call him and check on him.” That evening, I go onto Facebook and find out that his mom was just admitted into the hospital that afternoon, perhaps around the same exact time that it occurred to me that I should check on him. So, my instinct that he was in distress or going through something that warranted friends reaching out to him, was correct. I think this is an extension of the Simulpathity type of coincidence – sensing the distress at a distance of a loved one or close friend.

Photo credit: Juliet Trail

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