Choosing an Advisor

A woman had recently moved to a new city and decided to seek a new financial advisor. She lined up three possibilities. The interviews revealed some surprising coincidences.

The first potential advisor noticed that woman had lived in the same town as the advisor’s mother. It turned out that the advisor’s mother had graduated from the same high school 4 years earlier. Did the woman know the advisor’s mother? No.

The second advisor learned that that woman had gone to Ursinus, a college near Philadelphia. They reminisced about a professor of art history they both deeply respected.

The third advisor knew someone who lived in the town from which the woman had recently moved. Yes, the woman was good friends with the family the advisor knew. This third advisor gave the woman some fascinating updates about what had happened since the woman had moved.

What role should these coincidences play in helping the woman decide which advisor to select?

Please let us know.

After 10 responses  are shared below, we will suggest an answer.

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