What is a Coincider?

A person who regularly experiences coincidences is called a coincider. Previous terms have included “experiencer,” “percipient,” and “synchoner.”

The term implies someone who shares an inside view with others as in co-insider. Coinciders are part of a developing group of people who find coincidences important, useful, and intriguing.

There are several stages in the coincider spectrum:

  1. A major coincidence grabs the person’s attention and/or early in life that person sees strings of them.
  2. That person then begins to look for them
  3. The coincider now begins to see many of them, and tries to understand and use them
  4. Coincidences then become an expected part of life, offering help, guidance, amusement, and peeks into probability, personal psychology, and mystery.

Two high frequency coinciders described themselves in this way:

“…frankly, this coincidence thing happens to me ALL THE TIME.  It’s to the point where my family members are uninterested in hearing about it, because nothing surprises them anymore.”

“I have been aware of these kinds of things my whole life and rate them 1 to 10, 1 being the least coincidental and 10 being many layered and complex and of the highest level I rate.”

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