Comedy Central Gags on Coincidences

amy shimmer, coincidence

If you think noticing coincidences is getting popular, you are probably right. When well known comics start making fun of them, that’s evidence.

Amy Schumer and her gang of humorous cut-throats have taken the Universe and its coincidences under their carefully distorted comedic microscope. Their brief skits illustrate some basic types of coincidences. They also show the silly ways that some people misuse coincidences, funny distortions which mock the reality that many people exaggerate the value and importance of some synchronicities.

As you watch this video notice a few common coincidence themes:

  • Accidentally going a different way and running into something that offers a needed alternative. Here: Seeing a Vitamin Shop means she should take calcium.
  • Using a vague symbol to encourage you to make the decision you want to. She sees a shirt with “Chill” on it, which to her means she can continue having sex with her married boss.
  • Imagining something you want without doing anything. She wants an apricot puggle (it’s a dog) “The universe is totally going to bring you an apricot puggle.”, says her friend.
  • A random event jars you into a yet more selfish consideration—coverage of a disastrous tornado interrupts a cable TV program. Annoyed, the woman decides interprets the “message” to mean she should watch programs on Hulu to avoid being interrupted on cable TV again.

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