Connecting with Coincidence


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ISBN: 9780757318849
eBook eISBN: 9780757318856

The New Science for Using Synchronicity and Serendipity in Your Life
Bernard D. Beitman, MD

Health Communications, Inc.  Publication Date: March, 2016

Coincidences can be amazing, useful and challenging. For this book, I pulled apart coincidence stories from many different sources to see why they occur and how they can be helpful. As a result, I discovered the emotional, personality and situational factors that make coincidences happen. True to my clinical work as a psychiatrist and psychotherapist, the book is a practical guide for recognizing and using meaningful coincidences with, for the first time, detailed warnings about misuse. In a Part 3, I propose a new theory based on recent neuroscience discoveries that point the way to our own latent powers.


PART I: Weird Coincidences Commonly Occur
Closer Than Close
Finding Romance
Family Ties
Friends, Colleagues, and Acquaintances
Health Solutions
Ideas in the Air
Timely Money
Jobs, Work, and “Luck”
Spirituality and the Full-Circle Experience

PART II: Integrating Coincidences into Your Life
How to Use Coincidences
How to Increase the Number of Coincidences

PART III: New Theory of Coincidences
The Psychosphere: Our Mental Atmosphere

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