Getting Around Munich


This  “things-don’t-work-out-but-they-do” story was shared with the Coincider Website.

“In 2010  I was at the end of a driving trip round Europe and was in Salzburg and decided that rather than drive straight back to England I would make a detour to Munich to look up a friend I hadn’t seen for ten years and hadn’t spoken to for about seven years. I didn’t have a telephone number with me but thought I would just drive there and see if she was at home. In the past I had been quite familiar with Munich but on this occasion all the signs on the Mittlerer Ring prevented me from turning the way I wanted to go so I turned off the Ring hoping to cut across but got lost and had to buy a map. With the map information I was able to drive straight to my friends but it had added about twenty minutes to the journey. When I rang the doorbell my friend answered, she was very surprised and said she had only just got in. If I hadn’t have got lost she would have been out and getting no reply I would have been on my way back to England.”

Failed expectations sometimes help coincidences to bloom.

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