Finding my Friend, Again, Somehow

Dahab Shoreline

We have the ability to find our way to people without knowing how we do it.

A few years ago Jane Clifford spent a month with the Bedouin in the Sinai Peninsula. She told us what happened:

“My intuition kept giving me the message that I was to go to Egypt. I laughed and told my intuition that I would only travel to Egypt if a travel companion showed up and affordable accommodation not in high rise tourism was found.

“Within a week a French vet called Vanessa, who I had not met before, asked me to go to Egypt with her and stay in a Bedouin camp! We met because I had offered free B&B for visitors attending a local conference.

“I had trouble getting cash from cash machines there with my Visa card and quickly ran out of money. My French travelling companion and I were traveling separately. I didn’t know exactly where she was and she didn’t have a mobile. I went to the town of Dahab & desperately needed to find her because I had run out of cash & no one else could help. On my first afternoon someone invited me to a local market & there I collided /bumped into her, just when I needed to!

“A week later she had gone off exploring and I needed money again. A friend took me to stay in a B&B, which I could not pay for unless I found my French friend. On the first morning I went to the beach in front of the house. A fishing boat came in directly in front of me & she stepped off it.  She had been camping on an island & had no idea where I was staying. So coincidence connected me in times of great need.”

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