The Goddess of Wealth

Goddess of Wealth

In this video clip Mike Myers is entering the office of Deepak Chopra when he spots a card pasted to the wall. Surprised, Mike pulls out a deck of Indian god cards. The one of top is the same card as the one on the wall—the Goddess of Wealth. On his way out of the house, Mike had impulsively grabbed the deck to show Deepak. “If I had made a movie and pasted that card on the wall, no one would believe me.” Deepak offers an explanation for the coincidence based upon the “interconnection of everything” and orchestrated by the two of them. He then offers Mike advice based upon the coincidence:—Commit yourself to Goddess of Wisdom. The Goddess of Wealth will then become jealous and come after you. Money will follow you.

The 4 meanings in this meaningful coincidence are:

Emotional Charge—Mike Myers had trouble believing this low probability event actually happened. It seemed significant to him.

Parallel content—The two elements, the two cards, had exactly the same meaning.

Explanation—Deepak suggested that through their shared consciousness, the two of them had created the coincidence.

Use—Deepak thought that the surprising parallel meant that Mike should stay with his passion and ideals.

We can argue both Deepak’s explanation and use meanings. Staying with your passion and ideals is a good idea much of the time so this suggestion can be invoked at any opportunity. That the two men created the coincidence seems likely but a more detailed explanation is necessary. 

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