Just Joshing Around

Josh Hotchkins shared this remarkable series of coincidences with the Coincider Website.

“One summer day between the first and second grade I went to my school playground to use the equipment and see what the other neighborhood kids were doing. On this day there were some kids who did not go to the school. I saw them as I was coming but decided to watch them before engagement. As I sat on the steps of the monkey bars one of the kids called my name and began walking closer to me, continuing to talk to me as though we were familiar. He continued to do so until he was standing just before me, finally realizing I was not who he thought that I was. I was informed that I looked exactly like his cousin Josh and even kinda ‘seemed’ like him. The same thing essentially happened last week in a tobacco shop. The owner was perplexed that my name was Josh because he said I looked and talked and ‘seemed’ like another Josh who had been a loyal customer at one of his former store locations about forty miles from here. These were the first and the last, but not the only times I was confused for another Josh who looked and ‘seemed’ a lot like me. It has happened throughout my life. I would attribute it to the source of the term ‘Just Joshing ya’ It seems I am every Josh! “

Josh scored in the average range of openness to coincidences which probably means that he sees coincidences not listed in our survey. He calls this coincidence variation “synchronicities of the nominative determinism variety.” Your name influences your future somehow.

For example, a person with the last name  Brain becomes a neurologist. Another person with the last name bone becomes an orthopedic surgeon.

In a subsequent communication, he elaborated on this idea:

“In a greater sense, nominative determinism goes beyond just our careers. The phenomena has been linked to people’s names influencing personal characteristics. In submitting all of these examples together I was trying to illustrate how, from my perspective, a person’s name may be a catalyst for many coinciding or synchronistic events or phenomena. Not necessarily deterministic, but perhaps by creating the symbolic and intellectual conditions by which the probability of these synchronicities are raised.”

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