Life is but a dream

Like dreams, meaningful coincidences can be hard to remember. So write them down! Josh Hotchkin wrote recently to the Coincider Website: “Synchronicity and coincidence have been hugely influential to my intellectual and spiritual growth. I encounter synchronicities quite often, and often multifaceted synchronicities with several degrees of complexity. Synchronicity has inspired my writing, music and art. It has provided clues to existential problems allowing me to work through personal issues and times spent in Chapel Perilous.. It has also, in a few incidences, helped me to predict future events or trends. Although I cannot remember most of these coincidences (I should have kept a synchronicity diary.”

With a diary you will then see your coincidence patterns more clearly. People seem to differ in the kinds of coincidences they encounter.  Some see strings of things, numbers, ideas or people in surprising sequences.  Others learn to rely on coincidences for work  or in creative activities like writing, music and art.  Others find coincidences useful in helping to solve psychological and existential problems. Josh uses them in all of these activities. Some people become experts at finding what they are looking forward–human GPS calculators—without knowing how they do it.  The more you know about your kind of coincidences, the more easily you may create or find them and the more efficient you can become in using them. Perhaps you will develop ideas about how you participate in creating them.

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