Life is But a Dream

Credit: keeth prahkterr

As my coincidence colleague Tara MacIsaac in Peterborough, Ontario and I ended our conversation over the internet on 8/28/15, I asked her if she had seen the movie Waking Life. She replied that about 6 years ago this was her favorite movie. She had seen it many times, but hadn’t seen it since then. A few days earlier she had spontaneously thought about watching parts of it on YouTube.

For the previous 10 days, I had been slowly watching Waking Life, carefully enjoying each of its many interesting sections, laughing and wondering about how it was made.  Tara seemed to have picked up my energizing the idea of the movie.

I think my excitement about it 650 miles away in Charlottesville, Virginia helped to initiate her seeking the movie again.  She would not have been triggered by my energizing the idea if she had not sometime earlier energized the idea herself.

Waking Life uses cartoonized versions of real actors as the story follows a young man’s encounters with a series of people who lecture him on the nature of reality. The movie suggests to us that what we think of as reality is one of many dream states to which we have access.  Coincidences may be windows for this expansive perspective.

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