How Did My Brother Know Where I Was?

A participant in our research project described how her brother once saved her life: “There was a very dark period in my late teens, a confused time, to say the least. I cannot explain the rationalization, or rather, I should state, there was none. I could not seem to withstand all of the suffering in the world… and one afternoon, I took my Dad’s gun, got in my car and drove to an isolated place on the lake. The intention was to end my own life. I sat there, with gun in hand, without truly understanding why…. it was as if I did not have any clue how I managed to arrive at this moment in time. But, as tears slowly came down my cheeks, I heard the sound of another car pulling up beside me… and my brother steps out of the car, asking me to hand him the gun. I am breathless; I am totally shocked. All I can do is to ask him how on Earth he knew I was feeling this way; how did he know I even had this gun and most importantly, how did he find me? He said he had no answers. He did not have any idea why he got into his car; he did not know where he was driving, nor why he was going there; or what he was suppose to do when he arrived.”

Is there an explanation? Random? God? I think this story illustrates the human ability to get where we need to go without knowing how we did it. It is the activation of the GPS-like capacity of our behavioral subconscious.

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