Serendipity to the Rescue

On March 16, 2016 a man called into the Charlottesville radio station WCHV while I was talking about coincidences

He described one day having the very strong urge to go down the street where he knew some kids were playing under a tree.

He tried to tell them to get out from underneath the tree but they wouldn’t listen to him. Something then drove him to push the kids out from under the tree. A few seconds later a huge branch fell where they had stood.

He described having many experiences like this and included another example.

Last year I spoke with a man who had been a reporter for a newspaper. His beat was going places in the city where there were crises. He said he found himself at the scenes of fires before they began or at shootings soon after they started. Something told him to go to places where violence was taking place.

Both these men and, I imagine many others, have a strong sense of themselves in three-dimensional space. Through their simulpathity abilities they can localize a problem somewhere on the map in their minds and find their ways to the place they need to be.

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