Spirituality and Coincidences

People who think of themselves as spiritual, report more coincidences. Why? Although being spiritual has many different meanings, a common feeling ebbs through them. The feeling of being part of something greater than just me. And not just a sports team or a business, or a country. Something less easily defined. Not just a family or a group of loving friends. A sense of mystery that’s real beyond words and images. With this feeling comes a readiness to notice and seek personal experiences that confirm it. Our research participants at the University of Missouri-Columbia let us know this connection.

Those who described themselves as religious were a little less likely to notice coincidences. I guess that they are committed to certain behaviors and beliefs that can restrict their openness to connections between thoughts and events. Our data showed something more when it came to religious commitment. Those who regularly practiced the rituals and required behaviors did report a high frequency of coincidences regarding work and school. However, they were no different from those who were not committed to religious behaviors in the frequency of coincidences involving other people.

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