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Linking Compassion with Coincidence: Juliet Trail, EP 251

Or listen to an audio version HERE on Anchor.fm

Dr. Juliet Trail connects compassion with coincidences. Coincidences illuminate the invisible currents connecting and unifying us. Then compassion shows the way our interconnections will flourish for the health of humanity, other living beings and the Earth.

Our returning guest, Juliet Trail, PhD is Managing Director of The Coincidence Project, dedicated to Illuminating the invisible currents that connect and unify us, by educating the public about meaningful coincidences, in order to inspire a leap forward in the evolution of human self-awareness: individually, interpersonally and collectively. She is also founder of Courageous Compassion Connection, dedicated to bringing contemplative practices and approaches to diverse people in service of resilience, wholeness, healing, and compassion for all beings.

She builds upon 19 years of experience in higher education. Her doctoral research focused on Network Enablers: highly empowering individuals who enable the success of others across their professional roles and networks. Juliet is a trained Mindful Self-Compassion teacher, and serves on the Board and Instructor Team of InStill Mindfulness. She is also a poet and singer who explores the intersections of creativity and contemplation in her two bands, Unheard Sirens Inc. and Phoenix Noir.