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Synchronicities on the Football Field

A football field provides a canvas onto which synchronicities can be drawn. In the clip below follow number 23 through the cuts and turns of a 97 yard run. The scene was Clothier Field at Swarthmore College in 1961. It was the opening kick-off of the second half against Pennsylvania Military College, the arch enemy of Swarthmore intellectuals.

I had often imagined running the opening kick-off for a touchdown. And here is the record of the second time I did it. Imagination and work makes some dreams come true. A few years later, I realized that the shape of that run fit the Hebrew letter lamed.

Click here to see the run.TDB_Final

And compare it to the Hebrew letter lamed.

This realization encourages us to look for symbolism in our actions. What does the lamed shape of this run symbolize for number 23? “The Early Hebrew pictograph is a shepherd’s staff. The shepherd staff was used to direct sheep by pushing or pulling them. It was also used as a weapon against predators to defend and protect the sheep.

The meaning of this letter is “toward” as moving something in a different direction. This letter also means “authority,” as it is a sign of the shepherd, the leader of the flock.

I am a leader in the study of coincidences. Coincidences involve seeing connections between environmental events and our mental events. This run brought together imagining, action and the future–a leader in the study of coincidences.

Imagining the future through action

Two years after the 97-yard run, it was Thursday in October 1963. We were to play Johns Hopkins on Saturday. Without knowing why, I felt the urge to walk away from where the guys were practicing, grabbed two tackling dummies under the lights, put them down next to each other with a little space between and picked up a football. I walked about 10 yards away from the dummies, turned my back to them, scrunched down on the ball, turned around and dashed right between them. I did it again and went back to practice.

On Saturday, the Johns Hopkins punter finally got off a good punt. I had to turn my back and catch it over my shoulder. I turned around. Two guys running next to each other were about 10 yards away. I scrunched down and dashed between them and went 90 yards for a touchdown.

In a different way, I had imagined a future that became real.