Tennis Basket

On June 7, 2014, I went out to play tennis.  As I started warming up, a woman with two preteens started practicing two courts down. She shouted instructions and compliments to the boy while the girl hit off the backboard. After about 10 minutes, Will, my tennis partner drove up and called to me from outside the courts. He said he had a present in his car for me. He raised a tennis basket in the air—one of those metal cages for carrying lots of balls.  I shouted back that I already had one. But then the woman two courts down shouted that she needed one. She said she was going to buy one today to help teach the kids how to play tennis better.  Nice fit.

My Analysis of this Coincidence:

Emotion: It was a delightful surprise for all three of us. Will found someone who could use the basket. The woman did not have to buy one. And I witnessed a useful coincidence.

Process: I was in transition—this was my first tennis game of the new spring season with Will. Will came later than he had planned, making it possible for the woman to hear his offer to me. Had he come on time, I would have told him I did not need the basket, and she would not have been around to hear him.

Use: This coincidence became useful for all three of us. Will and the woman got their needs met, and I witnessed a simple, illustrative coincidence.

Explanation:  We three human beings crossed our life lines at a good time. We were actively moving about in our worlds. The crossings were unlikely. Perhaps someone could calculate the probabilities.  Will and the woman each had simple needs. Each made decisions to realize the fulfillment of those needs. I facilitated their meeting through arranging to play with Will. It was as if the meeting had been arranged. I believe that we three people met in this way through our subconscious, need-activated, human GPS capacity.

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