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  • Life is But a Dream September 17, 2015

    As my coincidence colleague Tara MacIsaac in Peterborough, Ontario and I ended our conversation over the internet on 8/28/15, I asked her if she had seen the movie Waking Life. She replied that about 6 years ago this was her favorite movie. She had seen it many times, but hadn’t seen it since ... Read more »

  • The Same Birth Date August 27, 2015

    Thursday, June 19, 1986

    On June 19, 2015, I met with a new friend for coffee to discuss my upcoming talk on coincidences. He knew the audience well and could help guide me to better communicate with them.  He was also interested in knowing more about Coincidence Studies.

    He ... Read more »

  • Jung’s Scarab as a Psychotherapeutic Technique August 14, 2015

    How Jung helped to create the world’s most famous synchronicity…

    Psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung brought us the term “synchronicity,” which literally means “falling together in time.” Synchronicity describes the surprise that occurs when a thought in the mind is mirrored by an external event to which it has no apparent causal connection.

    It is a type of ... Read more »

  • Electrical Breakdown July 16, 2015

    Jack had been burning the candle on both ends—work, school, family, financial decisions. His mind was not the agile, clever, high speed machine he had come to rely on to process the several threads of information streaming through his life. His thoughts seemed to be plodding through muck and molasses.

    A ... Read more »

  • Obama‘s Clock July 2, 2015

    At 10:10 AM on June 25, 2010 in the Oval Office President Obama heard the news that the Supreme Court had supported the continuation of the Affordable Care Act. He and his staff celebrated. At 10:30 AM photographs by the official staff photographer showed that the clock in the office had Read more »

  • The Timely Editor June 16, 2015

    It was early May, 2015.  The July 1 deadline for getting my book to the publisher was approaching fast. Connecting with Coincidence needed other minds to evaluate it. 

    On May 9, I received an invitation from a coincidence colleague to join her on LinkedIn. She knew coincidence studies very well. And ... Read more »

  • The Psychosphere May 21, 2015

    Angie emailed me on May 8, 2015:
    “I am struck by the uptick in media-related coincidences as suggested by your Weird Coincidence Survey results. (See Blog Post Weird Coincidence Survey Results.)  I wonder if the increasing prevalence of electronic communication has some unique quality as it relates to our connectedness.  ... Read more »

  • Mom, the Wizard of Oz and Popcorn May 7, 2015

    Saundra wrote:

    I texted my sister to tell her that the Wizard of Oz was on television.  She responded to me by saying she remembered that when we were younger, my mother would fix popcorn and sit with us to watch the movie.  I told her that I remembered that ... Read more »

  • A Letter to Dr. B April 23, 2015

    On March 25, 2015 Angie of HAPPY Reading wrote:

    Hi Dr. B

    I was just thinking of you on Monday when I went to visit a possible site for a camp I’m holding this summer.  On the way there, I saw a church marquee with the same last name as ... Read more »

  • Weird Coincidence Survey Results April 9, 2015

    By the end of March, 2015 more than 1500 people had visited the site and 200 (13%) had taken the Weird Coincidence Survey. 

    57% were women and 43% were men.

    Fifty percent of those surveyed were between the ages of 46-65. The following diagram illustrates the age distribution.

    AGES ... Read more »

  • Aesthetics of Coincidence March 26, 2015

    After the initial surprise evoked by most coincidences, the person usually considers one of two meanings—explanation or use. Sometimes there is no good explanation and no obvious use.  Yet with some coincidences, there is a simple beauty in the synchronizing of the two events.

    We are fascinated by synchronization in ... Read more »

  • Oedipus at the Cleft Way March 12, 2015

    Coincidences serve the narrative thrust of many stories.

    The ancient Oedipus myth is sprinkled with dramatic coincidences. It was popularized by Sophocles in 429 BCE and reignited in modern times by Sigmund Freud and his Oedipus Complex.  The plot caught Oedipus and his father, Laius, in ... Read more »

  • Meaning in Randomness February 26, 2015

    Many people believe that coincidences are random events. Because they are random events, so the reasoning goes, coincidences cannot have meaning.

    Not true.

    Coincidences come into our lives with two prominent and very different kinds of meaning—usefulness and cause/explanation. Just as we use smartphones without knowing how they work, ... Read more »

  • Tennis Basket February 12, 2015

    On June 7, 2014, I went out to play tennis. As I started warming up, a woman with two preteens started practicing two courts down. She shouted instructions and compliments to the boy while the girl hit off the backboard. After about 10 minutes, Will, my tennis partner drove up and called to me ... Read more »

  • U.S. Network TV Does Coincidences February 5, 2015

    CBS News got into the coincidence debate on October, 12, 2014 by introducing Bill and Hillary Solomon who attribute their 16 year marriage to coincidences. Hillary believes that they would not have been married if not for this string of coincidences. Bill’s mother and Hillary’s father were out-of-touch high school friends who reconnected through a ... Read more »