The Coincidence Connector

  • Choosing an Advisor November 17, 2014

    A woman had recently moved to a new city and decided to seek a new financial advisor. She lined up three possibilities. The interviews revealed some surprising coincidences.

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  • The Weird Coincidence Survey November 5, 2014

    The Weird Coincidence Survey  (WCS) was created through several standard statistical procedures. It is currently the most reliable and valid measure of openness to meaningful coincidences.

    A total sample of 681 people participated in its development.  The 42 questions of the first scale (WCS-1) were collected from books, articles, and personal ... Read more »

  • How Did My Brother Know Where I Was? November 5, 2014

    A participant in our research project described how her brother once saved her life: “There was a very dark period in my late teens, a confused time, to say the least. I cannot explain the rationalization, or rather, I should state, there was none. I could not seem to withstand all of the suffering in ... Read more »

  • Snapper November 4, 2014

    I got lost and found my dog. What was going on here? Were we drawn together because we loved each other so much? Or was our finding each other just one possible event out of many others and we just got lucky, a chance event?

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