The Coincidence Project

In 2020, we launched The Coincidence Project (TCP), an initiative with the following Vision: To increase world-wide appreciation and use of coincidences. Bernard Beitman, MD is the Founding Director of TCP and Juliet Trail, PhD is the Managing Director. 

The Mission of TCP is:

  1. to encourage coincidence storytelling around the world to enhance interpersonal connectedness, 
  2. to enrich meaning in people’s lives, 
  3. to recognize coincidences as guides for our life journey and sources of wonder, awe and appreciation for the dazzling web of all life,
  4. to expand personal and collective understanding of reality,
  5. to develop optimizing visions for humanity and all living beings.  

As part of TCP, we have been joined by over twenty experts in the field, who advise and support the project as Coincidence Ambassadors. We have also launched Coincidence Cafe, a once-monthly virtual meetup by invitation only, where we explore diverse topics relating to coincidence, synchronicity and serendipity. 

We will begin hosting regular public conversations through the Clubhouse app in fall 2021. If you are on Clubhouse, we hope that you will join “The Coincidence Project” Club and drop in for regular conversations about coincidence, synchronicity and serendipity with curious people from across the globe!

Ways to get involved in TCP include: