The Non-Diamond Earrings

From Wikipedia Commons

A student in my first class at the University of Virginia did her homework! She wrote this coincidence story:

“A few years ago after moving to Charlottesville to raise my small son alone, I was feeling confirmed in the wisdom of my move but realizing life would be comfortable while not luxurious. I was OK with that although, truthfully, I would have been happy with more money in the bank account.  Many of my friends wore diamond stud earrings given them by loving partners or brought with their own income. I liked the stud earrings but knew they were not in my budget.

I returned to Kansas to visit my mom and the two of us went downtown to a small farmers’ market. As we were leaving, I stepped on a small glassine envelope. Inside were small, stud earrings. Rhinestone, perhaps. Nothing very valuable except to me.

I experienced this coincidence as an affirmation that I was not alone and that—while I would never be rich—I could know that somehow I would be provided basic needs.”

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