The Timely Old Friend

Courtesy of Dr. Erica Kosal, from her story, The Plain Manila Gift, now published in Tales2Inspire ~ the Emerald Collection

Erica Kosal desperately needed help. She wrote her story in Lois W. Stern’s  Tales2Inspire: The Emerald Collectionone of several books in this growing series. Erica’s very ill husband was incapacitated by Lyme disease. She was trying to balance caring for him and their two young children with working as a professor at a small liberal arts college.

In a stack of mail at her office, she found a strange looking manila envelope. Instead of sending it to the wastepaper basket, the handwriting grabbed her curiosity. It was from Dan, an old friend from graduate school with whom she had lost touch. He wanted her to know he was praying for her. Dan had no direct knowledge of Erica’s distress but had intuitively felt the need to pray for his old friend. He had not begun praying for any other person with whom he had lost contact. Here was simulpathity in action—the ability to feel the distress of loved one at a distance without knowing how. Erika was deeply moved by this unexpected, unlikely inspiration.

She wrote back. Through their correspondence, Dan connected deeply with her husband because Dan too was in poor health. The two men supported each other through grim physical losses. After many months, Dan died having offered love and support just when Erica and her husband needed it.

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