Where’s Aussie?

Courtesy of Heidi Duprey, from her story, Garden of Miracles.

While vacationing in Florida, a woman received word from her dog sitter that during an ice storm fallen trees had  broken  the fence in their backyard. Her dog Aussie had run away through the broken fence. By now Aussie, an Australian Cattle Dog-Pit Bull mix, had been gone for two nights of very cold temperatures and freezing rain. The woman immediately flew back to search for her dog.

Heidi Dupree’s husband, Robert, was out for a run on this cold and rainy day when he heard a woman shouting through her open car window “Aussie, Aussie!” Pulling up to the curb, she sadly-hopefully showed Robert a picture of Aussie and asked if Robert had seen him. Yes! He looked like the dog who had been camping out behind their house.

“This is a miracle,” exclaimed the woman. “The first person I met led me right to him!” Aussie’s family lived several miles away with hundreds of homes in between. How had the woman found her way to the right, distant neighborhood at the right time to encounter Robert? Here is more evidence for our latent GPS system that can sometimes help us find what we need when we need it.

Heidi wrote about this experience in Lois W. Stern’s Tales2 Inspire-The Emerald Collection

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