Why Study Coincidences? Part 2

Source: Susana Fernandez

I study coincidences because they are fascinating. I study them because I’ve discovered they are useful in ways most people never considered. Once you become aware of them, you realize what a ubiquitous part of life they are. They are intertwined with so many of the things we hold to be important.

In Part 1, I looked at how coincidences are used in career development and in finding just what you need when you need it. Now, I’ll explore how they help with personal growth, inunderstanding the connections we have with the world around us, and in our relationships with others.

A common coincidence happens as follows: you think of someone you haven’t seen, or even thought of, in years. All of a sudden, you run into that person. You think, “How in the world did what I was thinking about just appear before my eyes?!” In such cases, you’re pushed to look at how your mind connects to the outside world. You’re made more aware of what was in your mind when the coincidence occurred.

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