Meaningful Coincidences Uncover Your Psi Capacities

Coincidences shine lights on hidden human abilities. Suzanne Clores and I discussed the coincidences that helped me make two long runs for touchdowns during college football games. Suzanne is founder and producer of the Extraordinary Project Podcast. We talked on my radio show Connecting with Coincidence.

I wandered off from the other guys on the practice field to follow a feeling that set me up for a similar event during the football game two days. later.

On another long run in another game, I heard myself saying to myself, “take a left”. I did and went 97 yards for the touchdown.

Suzanne and I then discussed a clairvoyance-based coincidence. It involved her friend, an energy healer, and two religious people surprisingly coming together.

You have the ability to prepare for unknown future events without knowing how or why. You can know what is going on around you through psi capacities. It helps to believe. These stories can open you to psi in you.

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