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  • Coincidence Quality: Amazing or Trivial? November 1, 2016 Coincidence Quality: Amazing or Trivial?

    Some coincidences are extraordinarily amazing like the series of serendipities that led to the discovery and manufacturing of penicillin (Beitman, p. 140-2). Some are trivial (like thinking of a strange word and a little later seeing or hearing that word).

    Why judge the quality of coincidences?

    The higher its quality, the more likely the coincidence offers ... Read more »

  • Managing Interpersonal Energy October 26, 2016

    Two people exchanging energy (Sarah Ashmun)

    Interpersonal energy is probably related to energy radiating from each of our hearts.

    The magnetic component of the heart’s field can be measured several feet away from the body with Superconducting Quantum Interference Device (SQUID)-based magnetometers. (Heartmath). We can feel variations ... Read more »

  • Chi Whiz: Interpersonal Energy and Simulpathity October 14, 2016

    mind-to-mind connections
    Can people really experience the pain of a loved one at a distance? Yes they can!

    I call this category of coincidences, simulpathity, which is derived from the word Latin word simul (the same) and the Greek word pathos (suffering, feeling). The existence of simulpathity ... Read more »

  • HAPPY HUNTRODDS’ DAY A celebration of coincidence every 19th September October 4, 2016


    This post is from

    There is a moment of awe that accompanies every coincidence. A fleeting second or two when your mind struggles with questions of what, why and how.

    What just happened? Why did it happen? How did it happen?

    But, perhaps the greatest gift of coincidence is ... Read more »

  • When Coincidences Signal It’s ‘Meant to Be’—But It’s Not! September 5, 2016

    Venus_Flytrap_showing_trigger_hairsTHOSE PESKY FALSE PROMISE COINCIDENCES
    For many people coincidences are “all good”: If you wait long enough, you can probably find a positive outcome. In this post we look at coincidences that from the beginning seem to promise a great outcome but then yield nothing.

    Alan Colmes had ... Read more »

  • Serendipity: A Store, a Movie and a Coincidence: A cool word takes on new meanings August 15, 2016 Serendipity: A Store, a Movie and a Coincidence: A cool word takes on new meanings

    The word “serendipity” has many pop-culture references, but many people don’t know its original meaning or realize its usefulness.

    When customers walk into Serendipity, a women’s clothing store in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, they usually think of the movie Serendipity (2001) starring John Cusak (Jonathan) and Kate Beckinsale (Sara).

    The movie is serendipity rich. The ... Read more »

  • “There Are No Coincidences” July 6, 2016 "There Are No Coincidences"

    When uttering the phrase, “there are no coincidences” the speaker, feels fully confident in its truth. But, just like coincidences themselves, the meaning depends on the beliefs of the person involved.

    Let’s start by looking closely at the word coincidence. Dictionaries usually define it as two or more events coming together in a surprising, unexpected way ... Read more »

  • A Non-Statistician’s Approach to Coincidences: Part 5 May 29, 2016

    We are sensitive to coincidences for good reason. Coincidences help us to see new patterns.

    We seek patterns to navigate through space and time. Patterns provide maps for the territory of our lives—where to go, how to get there, what to say to whom. The surprise of coincidences raises a question: am I seeing a new ... Read more »

  • Comedy Central Gags on Coincidences May 23, 2016 Comedy Central Gags on Coincidences

    If you think noticing coincidences is getting popular, you are probably right. When well known comics start making fun of them, that’s evidence.

    Amy Schumer and her gang of humorous cut-throats have taken the Universe and its coincidences under their carefully distorted comedic microscope. Their brief skits illustrate some basic types of coincidences. They also ... Read more »

  • Autism String May 17, 2016 Autism String

    On March 14, 2016, Carole Thorpe was interviewing me on her Charlottesville, Virginia radio show, “The Fat Lady Sings with Carole Thorpe”.  Carole described a coincidence involving her best friend from young adulthood who died 25 years ago, at age 29, and his sister whom she had never met.

    The day before and unrelated to our ... Read more »

  • Dr. Beitman presents His Alter Ego, Dr. Coincidence May 5, 2016

    dr coincidence Please allow me to introduce myself, I’m a man of stealth and fate.

    I’ve been around for a long, long year, shifting the course of history

    How do you think the sun and the moon millions of miles apart

    Seem to be from where you stand almost the ... Read more »

  • Serendipity to the Rescue May 5, 2016

    On March 16, 2016 a man called into the Charlottesville radio station WCHV while I was talking about coincidences

    He described one day having the very strong urge to go down the street where he knew some kids were playing under a tree.

    He tried to tell them ... Read more »

  • A Statistician’s Approach to Coincidences: Part 4 April 29, 2016

    Coincidences emerge in the minds of the beholders. Without a human mind to detect them, most coincidences would not exist.

    Cognitive processing errors serve for statisticians like Persi Diaconis and David Hand as a bulwark against the potential meaning of coincidences. Their perspective shows us how our minds help to create meaningful coincidences.

    We can pop coincidences ... Read more »

  • St. Joseph of Copertino and the Baal Shem Tov April 15, 2016

    Breaking out of our standard daily routines seems to increase the likelihood of coincidences. In May, 2015, I did something out of the ordinary. I went with a friend to the downtown mall of Charlottesville and waited while she got her hair trimmed. While walking around, I ran into another friend Mike Grosso. We had ... Read more »

  • Our Finely Tuned Universe April 8, 2016

    Look up at the sky. They are about 93 million miles apart. Yet the moon and the sun appear to be the same size. To make it even more obvious, look up at the sky during a solar eclipse. The moon completely hides its heavenly companion from view. Yet they are not the same size. ... Read more »